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NetIQ Knowledge Based Service Assurance solutions address numerous IT management 
challenges from aligning IT services to the business to efficiently meeting complex regulatory 
compliance mandates. NetIQ solutions consist of the following

  • NetIQ AppManager Suite
  • NetIQ Security Manager Suite
  • NetIQ Secure Compliance Manager Suite
  • NetIQ Operations Change Control Suite
Please visit www.netiq.com for more information.

NetIQ AppManager - Systems Monitoring and Management

Manage your critical IT systems with AppManager Suite, a comprehensive, scalable and 
easy-to-use cross-platform systems management solution.

Get the broadest and deepest management view of your cross-platform infrastructure 
– Centrally manage the health, performance and availability of more than 65 applications
and services out of the box across Windows, UNIX, Linux, VoIP and network devices. 
You can also extend monitoring to a broad range of systems and devices using the 
AppManager SNMP Toolkit. 

Utilize rule-based management groups – Rule-based management groups allow 
administrators to define criteria for grouping servers, which will automate the organization
of objects for mapping and management.

Scale your architecture to match your business – Robust, flexible architecture enables you to 
efficiently manage thousands of servers. This enables administrators to more efficiently manage 
large server configurations.

NetIQ Security Manager – Security event and Log management

Provides comprehensive security management for your heterogeneous enterprise,
centralizing your ability to collect, view, analyze, archive and report on security information from 
across your organization. With real-time intrusion response capabilities, it is the only single product 
that encapsulates security information management and correlation, log management, intrusion protection and advanced analysis and reporting.

NetIQ Security Manager provides out-of-the-box support for a broad range of heterogeneous 
endpoints and applications, including support for:

  • Servers and workstations - including Microsoft, Linux, Unix and iSeries
  • Critical services – including databases, Active Directory, and VoIP infrastructure
  • Security point solutions – including antivirus products, firewall products, intrusion detection 

  • and protection systems
  • Network devices – including routers and switches
  • NetIQ solutions – including NetIQ Vulnerability Manager™, NetIQ AppManager®, 

  • NetIQ Change Guardian™ for Active Directory, NetIQ Group Policy Guardian™

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager – compliance and configuration management

Audits system configurations and compares them to corporate policies, previous snapshots, 
and/or other systems. It also leverages this configuration information to reliably identify 
vulnerabilities and exposures, using the latest security updates. You can easily establish a 
baseline of your current policy compliance posture, download the latest security knowledge, 
and tailor configuration and vulnerability checks across multiple platforms and applications. 

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager allows you to demonstrate regulatory compliance and 
manage IT risks via scored reporting to direct remediation efforts toward issues of highest 

Managed Operating Systems

  • Windows Servers, Windows Desktops, Windows and Active Directory Domains
  • HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris
  • Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, SuSE Linux on iSeries
  • OS/400 V4R5 or later
Managed Databases
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
Managed Web Servers
  •  IIS


NetIQ Operational Change Control

NetIQ Operational Change Control solutions provide you with a distinct ability to
enhance and validate your change control processes. NetIQ’s Operational Change Control 
solutions work across four cross-functional disciplines that assure services within your enterprise. 

These disciplines include Operational Integrity, Service Management, Policy Compliance and 
Risk Management. Covering each of these four disciplines, NetIQ delivers the most 
comprehensive solutions for Operational Change Control, ensuring that change

is controlled, managed and audited effectively.

Four Steps to Operational Change Control:

  • Operational Integrity – Identify unauthorized changes to the production environment
  • Service Management - Securely delegate change privileges
  • Policy Compliance - Audit changes to the production environment
  • Risk Management - Analyze the risk of service disruption by testing changes

StoneSoft / StoneGate | netiQ/ Attachmate | Softnext | Cynapse

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