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StoneGate security appliances help blend the need for in-depth network security and end-to-end availability into a unified and centrally manageable system for distributed enterprises. StoneGate FW/VPN and IPS appliances are used to protect network perimeters, internal network segments and provide business continuity. 

StoneGate solutions consist of the following:

  • StoneGate Firewall and VPN
  • StoneGate Multilink VPN
  • StoneGate Intrusion Prevention System
  • StoneGate SSL VPN for Remote Web Portal Access to Applications
Please visit www.stonesoft.com for more information.

StoneGate Firewall and VPN

The StoneGate Firewall delivers a fundamentally new and different architecture, providing 
you a degree of network security and business continuity not possible with traditional 


Resilient Connectivity

  • Set up a clustered, load-balanced environment out of the box without third-party 

  • solutions. Drop in Firewall Clustering Technology allows you to "Drop" a cluster into 
    the network environment without reconfiguring of existing switches or routers. 
  • Stonesoft's unique patented Multi-Link Technology enables a single or clustered 

  • StoneGate firewall to access multiple Internet and VPN connections across 
    multiple ISPs, leased lines, or other connections. 
  • Server load sharing and health monitoring intelligence for server pools ensures 

  • availability and performance of business services. 
Built-in Multi-Link VPN
  • Multi-Link VPN adds fault tolerance and transparent failover to VPN tunnels and 

  • VPN client connections, offering an advantage over other firewall/VPN combinations. 
Unified Management
  • StoneGate Management Center makes the everyday management and configuration 

  • of StoneGate products easy and cost effective. It provides an unified and efficient 
    management environment for StoneGate IPS, Firewall and VPN, and powerful tools 
    for incident handling. 
  • Log and alert browsing give the administrator a comprehensive overview of a security 

  • event while the built-in reporting tool draws an overview on what has been going on 
    in the network. 
Multi-Layer Inspection
  • Multi-Layer Inspection allows the firewall to act as a packet filter, perform stateful 

  • inspection or application-level firewall, using whichever method when it makes the 
    most sense on a rule-by-rule basis. 
  • HTTP Deep packet inspection - Stops worms and other exploits (using HTTP) already when 

  • theyíre trying to pass the firewall. You can stop traffic that violates corporate policies 
    (e.g., IM). 
  • SIP Protocol Agent - allows only the related media connections through. Enhances the 

  • security of call setup, since the firewall does not have to leave a range of ports open 
    for the related connections. StoneGate also coordinates NAT operations to reduced 
    the time usually needed to configure voice traffic and NAT
Bandwidth Management and Quality of Service
  • Guarantee that business critical traffic has always enough bandwidth available and to 

  • control how much less important traffic utilizes the network. 
  • Prioritize traffic that is sensitive to delay in the firewall and in other network devices
  • Guarantees and/or limits bps or %
  • Traffic can be prioritized 
  • Configuration is made easy and granular
  • QoS policy is defined for each firewall interface
  • Outgoing packets can be marked using the DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) 

  • field. The marking can be different depending on the interface
  • If external QoS device has already classified the traffic using the DSCP field, StoneGate 

  • is able to use that information and apply appropriate QoS policy.

StoneGate Multi-Link VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) use the public Internet to establish secure, low-cost network connections between remote offices, business partners, and remote users. VPNs are gaining 
popularity as a way to replace more expensive leased lines and frame-relay connections. 

However, not all VPNs are created equal. Data protection protocols and encryption techniques continue to improve, but Internet reliability remains a barrier to widespread VPN adoption. 

Stonesoft's combination of high-availability firewall and VPN addresses the problem in a unique 
way, securing both the availability and integrity of your Internet connections.

What is Multi-link Technology?

StoneGate's patented Multi-Link technology provides high availability and load balancing 
for Internet and VPN traffic across multiple network providers (ISPs). Multi-Link technology 
enables StoneGate to automatically maintain the fastest possible link to the Internet and 
eliminates your Internet connection as a potential point of failure, without the use of 
complex routing protocols or additional hardware.

StoneGate VPN Client

The StoneGate Multi-Link VPN comes with a free VPN Client, providing mobile users with 
simple, centrally managed, secure access to the corporate network. It also includes an 
active traffic filter, which protects the mobile machine from unauthorized traffic on the 
mobile network as well.


  • The flow of your data is never interrupted by Internet access outages or lost connections 

  • between your firewall and outside networks 
  • Continuous Internet connectivity with optimal performance. Decrease latency and 

  • increase your bandwidth compared to using a single provider 
  • Improved security policy management and minimized potential for errors while reducing 

  • the overhead costs of system administration 
  • No need to configure third-party hardware and software, or organize cooperation 

  • between ISPs 
  • Secure your mobile users at no extra cost

StoneGate Intrusion Prevention System

StoneGate IPS protects the internal network while StoneGate Firewall and VPN provides 
perimeter protection and secure connectivity between branch offices. Spyware, worms, and 
peer-to-peer programs slow down network performance, which has direct impact to business 

In todayís business environment where competition is hard and decisions have to be made fast, 
the business information is valuable for only a short moment in time. If the information is not 
available when it is needed then it hurts productivity. That means increased risk for the business. StoneGate IPS detects and stops network traffic abuse and reduces business risk. 

Protects vulnerable applications and operating systems

Business-critical applications and servers must run 24 hours a day. If there is security vulnerability 
in the application or in the operating system then it should be fixed (patched) as soon as 
possible. But bringing down business-critical service for maintenance means lost revenue. 

Normally business-critical applications have scheduled maintenance windows every month, 
but that is too late because the security vulnerability is there right now and anybody can 
exploit it. The solution for this is to put StoneGate IPS in front of the application. It stops all 
exploits that are trying to use the vulnerability in business-critical applications or servers.

Stops worms, P2P, and spyware

There should not be worms, spyware, or peer-to-peer traffic in corporate network.
StoneGate IPS can remove them from your corporate network traffic and therefore increase 
the network bandwidth available for your business operations.

Ensures regulatory compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is one example of regulatory actions where organizations (in this case Visa and Master Card) try to reduce the risk associated with their 
main business. This standard requires that all merchants that store, process, or transmit 
cardholder data should use Intrusion Prevention Systems. StoneGate IPS fulfils the standardís requirements and allows merchants to run their business in a clean environment.

Accelerates incident handling

StoneGate IPS stops attacks before they damage the target server, therefore eliminating 
incident costs. StoneGate IPS provides a large variety of information about attempted attacks 
and its Incident Management feature can be used to collect that information in one place. 

This information can be used to create Internet abuse reports so that system administrators of 
the attacking network segment are notified about attacks. This helps to prevent attacks 
happening again and is one way to inform responsible parties about the attack.

Stops attacks against web applications

Enterprises strive to offer flexible and easy-to-use services for their customers, partners, and 
employees. In many cases this means that customers have a web interface to critical 
core-business services. Although web access is a very convenient way for customers to 
access services it also presents a new risk to the core-business. StoneGate IPS will prevent 
attacks against these services and show what is going on in the DMZ area, thus reducing 
the risks.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

StoneGate Management Center makes the everyday management and configuration of 
StoneGate products easy and cost effective. It offers unified management for StoneGate IPS, 
Firewall and VPN. Many features are designed for resilient and secure remote management. 

For example, automatic rollback from software upgrades or policy updates guarantees that 
the connection to remote devices is always available. There is no need to send engineers to 
remote locations because all administration tasks can be done reliably from a central 
location. This saves costs and simplifies enterprise security policy enforcement.

StoneGate SSL VPN for Remote Web Portal Access to Applications

StoneGate SSL VPN offers secure remote application access via web interface. 
It is a VPN solution that can be used with a standard Web browser. In contrast to the 
traditional IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN, an SSL VPN does not require the 
installation of specialized client software on end users' devices. 

SSL VPN is ideally suited for organizations with many mobile users connecting from varied 
locations and where trust can be an issue but easy access is also important. StoneGate 
SSL VPN provides employees with enormous flexibility to access the network from any 
location and from Web-enabled devices such as laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones. 

Used applications can include e-mail, intranet, extranet, client/server applications, VoIP, 
terminal services, and much more.

StoneGate SSL VPN also provides Network Access Control (NAC) where it is most needed, 
for mobile network access originating from unidentified devices. It grants a view only to 
the applications and data that he/or she is allowed to access. It also enforces company 
security policy access session by checking that device meets the requirements set in security 
policy. If, for example, antivirus software is not up to date, network access can be denied. Requirements can also differ if the connection is made from Intranet or if it is made over 
the Internet. 

For the IT administrator StoneGate SSL VPN is as easy to manage as any other StoneGate 
solution and in addition there's no client software to maintain on the users' devices. .......

StoneSoft / StoneGate | netiQ/ Attachmate | Softnext | Cynapse


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